TEVOR Sp. z o.o. is a distributor of known whinches produced by american company – Ramsey Winch. Their products won appreciation on polish market among off-road driving fans as well as owners of road assistance vehicles . Assembling electrical and hydraulic winches , workers in TEVOR company use their knowledge , skills and experience. We are able to project and make mounting plate according to individual customer request. In our offer We also have ready mounting plates to assembly RAMSEY WINCH.

Hydraulic winches
It is very easy to make mistake when assembling hydraulic winch that can cause damage of whole hydraulic installation and loss of warranty at the same time. Assembling of a winch in TEVOR Sp. z o.o. company gives You certainty of professionall service that will let You use winch as well as all other hydraulic devices mounted on a chassis ( e.x. crane or lift ) for many years without any problems.

Electrical winches
Assembly of electrical winch is less complicated. However, sometimes it is needed to make changes in electrical installation of a car , e.x. changing the battery for more efficient or with bigger capacity. One of the main rules one should follow when buying winch is to select proper equipment taking under consideration its later destination as well as selecting proper parameters of which the most important is pulling force. Outsourcing assembly to TEVOR Sp. z o.o. is a safety that You will have winch properly selected, professionally mounted and will be able to use it for years without any problems.

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