In 2012, in our factory we launched the most modern paintshop in the region which allows us to provide service of the highest quality. Thanks to the big space in our paintshop (work space – 16 meter x 5 meter x 5,5 meter) we are able to paint even non-standard elements.

Knowing the profile of your business, we can prepare perfect-match offer of cooperation including preparatory services like sand blasting, shot blasting and repairing. We also care about natural environment – our paintshop has the most efficient dust and air filters with activated carbon.

It is worth mentioning that our company has AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) and ISO 9001:2009 certificates.

Below we present the technical characteristics of our paintshop:

  • Preparatory zone: 14 x7 mb
  • Intermediate storage area: 14 x 7mb
  • Cabin for paint drying: 16x5x5,5 mb
  • The painting system: traditional and water
  • Filtration system: initial and final
  • Bag filters: yes
  • Ceiling filters: F5
  • Floor filters: F1
  • QDS: yes
  • Smart Cure: yes
  • Generators: 2x Extra 11kW
  • Airflow: 32000m3 / h.
  • Lighting: 58W TL
  • Spray guns: SATA 4000
  • Peripherals: 5 tones track , 5 tones crane, strollers, slings, stands.


Having so well equiped and working object, we can offer to our customers:

  • Painting of equipment , vehicles and other large-size objects.
  • Abrasive machining of equipment , vehicles and other large-size objects.
  • Complex varnish repair of buses, cisterns, autocisterns, trucks, chassis, semi-trailers, trailers – surface preparation , filling and painting.
  • Complex painting of large units – new and used ones.
  • Corrosion protection inside and outside of cisterns used for transporting acids and aviation fuel – in our offer We have full range of inside and outside protection systems.
  • Post-accident repairs of steel and aluminium tanks - tooling, filling and painting .


On customer request :

  • in collaboration with profesional laboratory, within 14 days , we match the colour to a sample given by customer,
  • we are also matching colours of elements powder painted ,
  • we are painting with special efects – pearl, grading, any grain or Surface roughly similar.

    We invite You to cooperate with Us in terms of painting with surface preparation service. For our customers, We provide highest quality, process and costs optimization as well as punctuality.


    Marcin Misiewicz

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    0048 698 661 273