We are a highly specialized company, operating in the automotive industry. We produce specialized vehicles, mostly roadside assistance and rescue. Our products and services are of the highest quality level that meets the expectations and requirements of customers.

We provide:

  • sale service of used vehicles,
  • warranty and post-warranty,
  • painting services,
  • sale of hydraulical and electrical winches,
  • lighting equipment,
  • whole variety of hydraulic equipment used for building the platforms.

The history of the company

The roots of our company’s business reach 1974. Based on the experience we gained during production of superstructures for recovery, in 2003 we established our company Tevor S. A. At the beginning we offered distribution and service of American company Ramsey Winch. During the next years we expanded and started with production. The trademark for all our products is Tevor During all these years we have produced over 2000 pieces of platforms used for recovery, more than 40 pieces of Heavy Duty Recovery Vehicles and we have filled orders in the field of assembly of both hydraulical and electrical winches. Experience, development, innovation and gained knowledge made us a leader in our branch on both domestic and European markets. ISO 9001:2015 certificate, numerous awards and frequent presence in the trade press articles are the guarantee of our highest quality and standards.


The company’s position on the market

The buyers of our products are mainly companies which provide roadside assistance, towing, car dealing who use platforms to transport cars between departments. We distribute 50% of our products in whole Europe. We are the leader in our branch in Poland, as we have got whole variety of products and we are still developing new ones. If it comes to the European market, we are in the top five of the major manufacturers. We have our own design department with highly specialized staff as well as we cooperate with technical academic centers.

In recent years, we have made a number of investments which lead us to the highest standards of the European Union.

We have at our disposal modern, full-sized paint shop hall which meets the requirements of the European Union, and thanks to that we care about the environment.