Heavy Duty to remove the effects of road accidents involving trucks, buses and road rescue. In the rear part a towing extension arm is mounted with dual hydraulic extension, adjustable in three planes  ended with a multi-traverse with the possibility of installing additional equipment, Body with toolboxes intended for additional equipment: e.g. power generator, compressor, hydraulic shears, R1 rescue kit, towing modules, etc. Bears CE marking (compliant with the standards of the European Union).


Technical load capacity
When folded:
At full extension:
Maximum fork extensions:
Actual load capacity depends on the body specifications and the chassis pressure


20000 kg
9000 kg

4400 mm

Permissible gross weight:
Number of axles:
Wheelbase (1-2 for 3-axle vehicles or 1-3 for 4-axle vehicles):
Cab type:
Type of rear suspension:

minimum 32000 kg

min. 3, recommended 4 5100 m






Main arm with towing traverse
Retractable beam - crane, mounted on top of the main arm
Rear diagonal stifflegs 2pcs
Side aluminum toolboxes
Basic winch mounted on the main arm
Support winch (es) fitted on the main arm/or front bumper
Boom equipment : fork - 5 pairs, fork under chains, adapters of forks - 2 pairs
Removal of pneumatic and electrical installations for the towed vehicle
Warning and work lighting
Lighting package in accordance with the traffic rules
Additional equipment upon request

User’s Manual
Warranty Card - 1 YEAR OF GUARANTEE
CE Declaration of Conformity


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